Freelance Photography

What is Freelance Photography?

What if you love photography so much you wish you could do it for a living?   No only do you get paid for your photographs but you work for yourself selling individual photo’s or series of photos.  You could sometimes work on assignment and you may also sell you photo’s to magazines. That is freelance photography.

Freelance photography might start out as a hobby, something you do in your spare time.  It enables you to turn a hobby into a career and enjoy the freedom of working fundamentally for yourself on your own time and making money doing something you love doing anyway.

How to Build a Portfolio

To enable you to get jobs as a freelance photographer, you need a portfolio.  A portfolio shows samples of your work.  Even if you’ve never had photographs published you can start a portfolio of your best work and add onto it as you start receiving paid work and other achievements such as photography competitions.

How to Get Jobs

Building a portfolio is the first step in submitting your work for payment however the quality of the photo’s will determine if you get work or not.  Some people have a natural talent for taking great pictures but it is a skill that anyone can learn. There are many courses to teach you the art of photography.  Some cities have photography groups that meet to share photos and tips. There are also many groups online dedicated to photography and freelance photography.

You need to analyze as many famous photographs as possible.  Look at what is getting published and compare it to your own photos.  This enables you to compare and learn from other peoples work. It takes more than just point and shoot to get a great photo. You need to learn about focus, lighting, colors and backgrounds and much more.

Once you start learning about photography and putting your portfolio together, you can start submitting your photos to competitions and magazines.  Get a list of photography markets and start submitting to the ones that accept your type of photos. Don’t be discouraged you can’t expect to make it right away.  Start small and eventually make your way into a nice living from freelance photography.